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Service Lounge - 155 Regent Street

In watch showrooms, servicing departments are normally tucked away out of sight. At Watches of Switzerland, 155 Regent Street, you'l feel much closer to the process thanks to the Service Lounge, a dedicated area within the showroom that gives you direct access to our team of expert watchmakers. They're on hand to talk you through your requirements and explain the processes involved, whether your watch needs a new strap, a regulation service or a full restoration. The Service Lounge is located in the Calibre Room on the lower ground floor of the showroom.

On-Site Repairs

The Service Lounge at Watches of Switzerland, 155 Regent Street gives our clients direct access to our expert in-house watchmakers. Bring in your watch with all your questions and concerns, and they'll carefully advise you on the best course of action. Before undertaking any work, they'll give you a quote and a schedule so you can consider your options. This groundbreaking, face-to-face concept is the first of its kind and will take you behind the velvet curtain and deeper into the fascinating world of luxury watches. To find out more about the services we offer, please click here.

On-Site Watchmaker

'To make it last a lifetime, a luxury Swiss timepiece needs servicing every three to five years,'says Lee Garlick, one of the highly trained watchmakers in the Service Lounge at Watches of Switzerland, 155 Regent Street. 'We offer a number of services, including restoration, battery changes, engraving and reproofing. We can also provide an estimate for insurance purposes. It will be our pleasure to welcome you and to advise you on the best approach for your watch.'

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