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QLOCKTWO Watches & Clocks

QLOCKTWO© is a multi design award winning brand renowned for its pioneering and premium wrist watches and touch clocks. Rather than using a traditional numerical face, QLOCKTWO watches and clocks display the time through a typographical display, combining the moment with written words.

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Explore the range of QLOCKTWO watches for sale at Watches of Switzerland, available in 20 different languages.

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Shop the selection of QLOCKTWO touch clocks for sale online that make telling the time easier than ever before.

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QLOCKTWO Classic Clocks Collection

Classic Clocks

The 45 x 45 cm QLOCKTWO CLASSIC is mounted on the wall like a picture, or it can be set up in freestanding position with the acrylic glass base. It is held by magnets and can easily be changed.

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QLOCKTWO Table Clocks Collection

Touch - Table Clocks

QLOCKTWO TOUCH is a precision table clock with an alarm function. It also displays the time using a matrix of letters, spelling out the time in words.

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QLOCKTWO Large Clocks Collection

Large Clocks

QLOCKTWO LARGE features an impressive front cover in a 90 x 90 cm format. It is available in various surface finishes and more than 20 languages. Its striking form gives every room a modern sense of time.

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QLOCKTWO Watches Collection


QLOCKTWO Watches take the calming principle of displaying time in words and applies it to your wrist at the push of a button.

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QLOCKTWO© is a pioneering and multi award-winning brand that designs premium-quality wrist watches and touch clocks. All QLOCKTWO clocks and watches are carefully handmade by Biegert & Funk in Schwäbisch Gmünd, a small and picturesque town in Germany. QLOCKTWO watches and clocks are modern and innovative in design, showing the time via written words rather than a numerical clock face. This "statement" of time is lit up using an ambient light sensor so these wrist watches and touch clocks can be read easily - any time of day or night. The words on the clock change every five minutes and the illuminated points represent the minutes in between. QLOCKTWO clocks and watches offer a beautiful minimalistic and timeless design for your home or wrist.

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