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Grand Seiko Takes seasonal Inspiration

By Sarah Jayne Potter | 3 minute read

Grand Seiko Shosho

Grand Seiko are often known for pushing the creative boundaries when it comes to their timepieces, as well as merging nature with technology. From pieces inspired by winding rivers and impressive mountains to watches inspired by the seasons themselves, each design is as unique as they come.

For 2021, we see Grand Seiko taking their love for nature to a new level, with a selection of pieces inspired by the seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. In Japan, it is said that each of the four seasons carries with them their own distinct characters and nature, and each change from one to the next brings the nature of time ever closer to our senses.

To celebrate the occasion of the turn of the season, the brand has released four new timepieces; Shunbun - Spring, Shōsho - Summer, Kanro - Autumn/Fall, and Tōji - Winter. Excitingly, the Shōsho timepiece is exclusive to the Watches of Switzerland Group until September. High Summer approaches and, at last, the rainy season ends. In Shōsho, the warm wind creates delicate ripples in the many thousands of lakes and ponds that shimmer in the early summer sun throughout Japan. The wave pattern dial brings Shōsho to life and the long, tapered seconds hand adds delicate yet powerful detail to a stunning watch.

Grand seiko Shosho 2.png

The high-specification Calibre 9S86 delivers the same accuracy, +5 to -3 seconds a day, and the same power reserve, 55 hours, as the core Calibre 9S85, while also offering the GMT function that the international traveller needs to ensure that the accuracy of the time shown is not compromised when the time zone is changed. The GMT hand shows the time in the home time zone so you can always be up to speed across both times.

Pulling the crown out by one notch enables the hour hand to be adjusted without stopping the second hand so that the highly accurate timekeeping delivered by the Hi-Beat 36000 is not lost. Calibre 9S86 is the embodiment of the Grand Seiko ideal of high accuracy, maintaining exceptional precision in both the essential time display and the GMT function.

If the release of this piece was not exciting enough, we are also thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Grand Seiko and opened a stand-alone boutique in SoHo. This location encompasses the fullest representation of the Grand Seiko brand in downtown New York. We will be welcoming our clients into an exceptional experience where they will be greeted by expert individuals that are all highly knowledgeable in the uniqueness of the Japanese brand and their collections.

The exterior of the boutique is framed by impressive glass panels displaying the newest pieces from the brand and walking in visitors will be greeted by an airy space with Grand Seiko pieces artfully merchandised to highlight the craftsmanship and quality of the collections. There are dedicated spaces with lounge areas and display cases that you can peruse the collections, and the interior décor is a mixture of stunning photographs of Grand Seiko pieces,

The space is intended to invite visitors and customers to learn more about the Grand Seiko brand, engage with its timepieces hands on, and fully experience the spirit of Takumi which means Artisan in Japanese.

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