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Shine This Summer With Our Diamond Watch Collection

By Sarah Jayne Potter    |   3 minute read

Calibre Online_1300 x 600_Patek-Philippe.jpg

As well as being the quintessential symbol of luxury, diamonds are also a natural wonder. Formed when carbon atoms bond to create exquisite crystalline structures, diamonds have been an object of desire and a symbol of sophistication for centuries.

At Watches of Switzerland, we pride ourselves on providing only the very best examples of these magnificent jewels. Our brands ensure each gem adheres to strict criteria; the 4C’s – cut, clarity, colour and carat – are all equally important for our guarantee that only the highest quality diamonds find their way into our showrooms.

Our Diamond Exhibition features some of our favourite examples of craftsmanship and haute horlogerie. These timepieces enhance impressive movements with equally accomplished diamond artistry, and we can’t wait to bring an extra touch of frost to our showrooms when we exhibit them. Whether your preference is for subtlety or show-stopping splendour, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our showrooms. Below are some key pieces in the exhibition that our expert buyers have highlighted.

The setting of the precious stones, where watchmaking meets haute joaillerie, is an extremely delicate art, and one that Patek Philippe prides itself on. The brand’s highly skilled craftspeople have extremely high standards of quality control; to earn The Patek Philippe Seal, the diamonds must have a certificate to ensure a conflict-free origin, be internally flawless and perfectly faceted, as well as being securely set in place with the utmost precision.Mark Toulson, Head of Watch Buying

Calibre Online_1300 x 600_AP.jpg

As the oldest manufacturer of fine watches to still be in the hands of its founding families, Audemars Piguet has stayed at the forefront of the industry thanks to long-standing family traditions and a world-leading approach to haute horlogerie.

OMEGA watches use only Top Wesselton white diamonds, and each individual gem is precisely cut to reflect and refract light, giving maximum brightness and beauty, and perfectly complementing the brand’s unique materials and alloy.

Calibre Online_1300 x 600_OMEGA.jpg

Like many other brands, OMEGA focuses on the 4C’s (colour, clarity, carat and cut) to ensure only the very best gemstones adorn its designs. Top Wesselton white diamonds are ranked as some of the clearest diamonds available today, and OMEGA’s designers ensure the carat and cut of every example maximises its potential brilliance. OMEGA is also a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, assuring customers that the diamond is from a fair, ethical and sustainable source.Lisa Broun, Senior Watch Buyer

Calibre Online_1300 x 600_Cartier.jpg

Cartier prides itself on its ‘savoir-faire’ – the marriage of creativity and technique between its designers and jewellers, and the continuing conversation to perfect the most sophisticated techniques in order to serve its designs.

The brand’s diamond experts impose strict criteria for all the diamonds used within a Cartier design. As Cartier is known for its artistry with high-fashion jewellery, it’s no surprise that the brand’s collection of haute horlogerie perfectly blurs the line between jewellery and watchmaking excellence.Mark Toulson, Head of Watch Buying

Calibre Online_1300 x 600_JLC.jpg

With uncompromising attention to detail and precision, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s master watchmakers have created diamond timepieces that take your breath away.

The brand has revisited one of its most recognised watches: the Reverso. This classic piece, originally established as a classic design of the Art Deco era, has been updated to suit a modern audience. One dial is now lined by two tracks of stunning diamonds, while the ‘reverse’ dial reflects its 1930s roots. Mark Toulson, Head of Watch Buying

Calibre Online_1300 x 600_Chopard.jpg

Chopard’s stunning and unique Happy Diamonds collection demonstrates the brand’s playful approach to design, with the stones free to twirl across the watch faces.

Calibre Online_1300 x 600_Breitling.jpg

With its Navitimer collection, Breitling proves that aesthetics don’t have to come at the cost of performance. Combining contemporary design with the collections historic appeal, these pieces are impressive inside and out.

Calibre Online_1300 x 600_TAG-Heuer.jpg

Combining horological excellence with refined yet robust designs, TAG Heuer proves it can create a high-fashion piece while staying true to its design DNA.

Calibre Online_1300 x 600_Longines.jpg

Given Longines’ impressive heritage, it’s no wonder the brand continues to use many of its classic, time-tested design signatures in its watches. A tribute to the brand’s first designs, the Conquest collection offers elegance while still reflecting a passion for exploration and the La Grande Classique models are a symbol of timeless sophistication.

Discover more diamond pieces through our website and in our showrooms

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