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Celebrating 75 years of the OMEGA Seamaster:

Chaniya James 4 minutes
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To celebrate the 75th anniversary of such an iconic piece, we first must look back to where the OMEGA Seamaster’s story began. 16 years before it was born, in 1932, the brand launched the world’s first divers watch available to civilian divers named the “Marine”. This ingenious timepiece successfully tested at 73 metres below the surface of Lake Geneva and also proved water-resistant at a depth of 135 meters when pressure-tested inside the Laboratory of Watchmaking Research in Neuchatel. This impressive start set the course for OMEGA’s rapid advancements in underwater design.

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During the years of WWII, OMEGA delivered watches for the pilots, navigators, and soldiers of Great Britain’s ministry of defence to support its Air Force and Navy pilots during service. That unprecedented experience allowed OMEGA to progress quickly in the fields of water resistance, anti-magnetism, and robustness, and create a series of watches that could withstand the harshest of conditions.

The Ministry of Defence famously engraved each watch with W.W.W, which stood for “Waterproof Wrist Watch”.

This experience and technology continued with the launch of new Seamaster collection in 1948, coinciding with OMEGA’S 100th anniversary. It blended battle-proven technology with an elegant exterior to produce a watch for “Town, Sea and Country.”

It soon became clear which word of the three would define its future. In the heady rock‘n’roll years, a decade of optimism and exploration, the Seamaster came into its own as the watch of choice for undersea adventurers. The starting point for this new trajectory was the Seamaster 300, released in 1957.

Wave after wave of extraordinary models followed. Each offering exciting new designs, innovative technologies, and even greater levels of water resistance. Along the way, the watch with the distinctive seahorse logo would play a key role in ocean exploration and conservation, as the timepiece of choice for the curious and the deeply concerned.

Today, OMEGA can test every one of its water-resistant watches in a real underwater environment, thanks to the brand’s industry-leading facilities and the certification standards set by METAS (the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology).

The new timepieces, launched to mark the 75th anniversary of the Seamaster line, pay tribute to an extraordinary history of innovation, exploration, ocean-tested performance, and design.

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