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Norqain joins the animal cruelty-free pride

By Yasemin Gumushan | 2 minute read

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What happens when Wildlife Ambassador Dean Schneider partners with Norqain, a family-owned Swiss watch brand? A pledge to only producing 100% animal-friendly straps and bracelets for all future product launches.

Dedicated to better change, committed to cruelty free and passionate about adventure, Norqain live by their motto of: your life, your way. Embodying these very same values is animal behaviourist and social media influencer, Dean Schneider. Using Instagram to inspire and educate his 10 million followers, Dean shares the beauty and importance of protecting our planet’s wildlife.

In 2017, Dean decided to swap a career in finance in Switzerland for the South African wilderness and established a wildlife sanctuary and animal rehabilitation centre called Hakuna Mipaka. Located on a breath-taking four million square meters, the oasis is a life-long home to rescued wild animals which were born into captivity along with animals needing rehabilitation before being released into the wild. Protected from the public and tourists, Hakuna Mipaka nurtures a rich and diverse ecosystem of lions, hyenas, giraffes, zebras, leopards, reptiles, and birds.

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“We are so excited to have Dean Schneider on board as our newest international Norqain ambassador. His values of freedom and adventure are reflected in our brand and he has already made a positive impact on our long-term vision. As someone who has taken the road less travelled and invested his time, money, and energy into a cause he is passionate about, Dean lives Norqain’s ethos. The work he does for the animals of our planet is truly praiseworthy.”

Ben Kuffer, Norqain CEO

Recognising Dean’s devotion to the animal world, Norqain wanted to join the pride. The independent Swiss watch brand have announced that all future product launches will be fitted exclusively with animal-friendly straps.

Previously, Norqain opted to use certified vegan rubber straps with a crocodile leather texture in oppose to crocodile leather. However, the brand is going one step further. All future Norqain watches will be accompanied by a metallic bracelet, fabric strap or vegan option such as certified vegan leather or certified rubber strap.

“There are many vegan alternatives available, and we are prepared to take a different approach to offer customers equally durable and stylish options that do not harm animals.”

Ben Kuffer, Norqain CEO


To strengthen their partnership, values, and animal-cruelty commitment, Norqain are releasing a limited-edition timepiece in collaboration with Dean Schneider. Although still in the design stages, the animal sanctuary founder and Norqain are keen to integrate a piece of South Africa to the watch. Ten percent of the earnings from the sales of the limited-edition piece will be donated to the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis.

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