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Your Guide To Buying A Watch As A Gift

By Amanda Evans | 5 minute read

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There’s nothing more satisfying than buying a wonderful timepiece for that special someone and seeing the look on their face as they peel back the wrapping paper and open the box to reveal their timeless gift.

Once you’ve made the decision to seek out the perfect timepiece, things can get a little tricky if you’ve not done your homework first. Before you jump at the first timepiece that catches your eye, please do consider the following golden rules that should ensure your gift is the perfect fit, not only for the recipient’s wrist, but also for their lifestyle.


Consider the recipient and the reason for which the timepiece is being bought? Are you buying for a family member, a friend or a loved one and what is the desired sentiment behind the gift? If you’re looking for a piece to treasure that can be handed down through generations, perhaps you may want to consider a classic luxury icon from the Rolex family. If you’re buying for a watch enthusiast to add to an existing collection, then consider a limited-edition timepiece that adds a certain element of desirability due to its often-sought-after status. Or if you are looking for something to dazzle and say, “I love You”, consider an exquisite gem-set watch which also masquerades as wrist jewellery.

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As difficult as this is when faced with a plethora of stunning timepieces, set yourself a budget and stick to it! How much you spend may depend upon the person for whom the gift is for but set the budget and spend wisely as there really is something to suit all levels of spend. Spending an astronomical amount of money way beyond the realms of your price bracket does not denote a more special gift – it’s all about the sentiment that comes with it. Consider buying a pre-owned timepiece if you’re eager to purchase something that is ordinarily out of price range.

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Wrist size is key to your purchase, and it is also worth considering the build of the recipient if they haven’t specified the timepiece that they have their eye on. Well-built or muscular physiques may be more suited to a bolder case size, whereas petite and slender individuals may suit a more delicate timepiece. Start by seeking the circumference of the recipient’s wrist. If this is impossible without giving the game away, then consider purchasing a bracelet watch where links can be removed for the perfect fit.

Case size is also an important consideration. Historically a gentleman’s watch had an average case size of 30-36mm, but over the last 10 years trends have seen this case size grow considerably, up to 50mm. With this growth we have also seen a rise in popularity of ultra-thin watches that have a more streamlined fit against the skin without aggravating a gentleman’s cuff. Ladies watches have followed suit and although we still see delicate evening watches with a case size of 20mm, equally a trend of larger case sizes for women has emerged with the increase in popularity of sports and leisure timepieces.

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Is this watch intended to be worn during the daytime, night-time or anytime? In other words, is this purely to wear to work, perfect for an evening occasion or a good all-rounder? You may wish to consider the recipient’s lifestyle to help you decide on its purpose. For instance, are you buying for a sporty individual? Are they regularly taking part in watersports, diving, or climbing activities and would benefit from a waterproof, shock proof, hardy and robust timepiece? Or are they office-bound and often frequenting black tie occasions or business meetings? Dependent upon the activities that dominate their life, you may wish to choose a timepiece that compliments this lifestyle.

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When investing a substantial sum of money in a timepiece, ensure that you buy from an official stockist such as Watches of Switzerland. Buying from a reputable source such as ourselves will give you confidence in your purchase. The top luxury watch houses have given us the seal of approval to represent their brand to the highest standards. With this comes warranty, aftercare such as watch servicing and polishing and most importantly of all, the knowledge that you have purchased from a trusted source that will look after you beyond the date of your purchase.

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