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Clock Watching

The Watches of Switzerland Group | 2 minute read


Discover a world of memorable, statement-making clocks at the Watches of Switzerland Group.

We're passionate about showcasing innovative, eye-catching, design-led clocks - creations that are a world away from the dull, ticking dinner plates that line our office walls, or the rusting Victorian timekeepers that we tut at while we stand on railway platforms, waiting for delayed trains. Whether mechanical or quartz-driven, we firmly believe that the right clock can transform a space and make a real statement at home or in the office.

Take the alien-inspired MB&F Tripod clock (£22,500), which charts time on two concentric dials visible from each of the three optical mineral glass spheres. Its delicate insect-like legs support a mechanical body and in-house L'Epee 1839 movement with an eight-day power reserve. It's not only a piece of modern sculpture but an unmissable focal point, and definitely a conversation piece.


Consider also the L'Epee Time Fast D8 Clock (£27,500). Inspired by vintage racing cars and wooden toys of the last century, this 1S-inch-long table clock - with rubber wheels, open clock display and helmeted driver formed by the balance - is set by manipulating the steering wheel and wound by pulling the car backwards, like a wind-up toy. It's ideal for those with a passion for speed and play.

Another example breaking age-old convention is the QLOCKTWO Classic Creator's Edition Rust Wall Clock (£2,150). These hand-rusted, individually numbered and unique creations use typographic statements to tell time - for example, 'IT IS HALF PAST SEVEN'. A seconds function counts using large numbers displayed inside the automatically light­adjusted LED matrix.


Whether your taste leans towards playful innovation or modern elegance, there's something for you in our collections. So, as well as the beautiful timepiece that's sitting on your wrist, you can also have an equally stylish, useful and intriguing timepiece on your wall or mantelpiece.

Discover our full range of eye-catching clocks at our Watches of Switzerland showroom in Knightsbridge.

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