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In Conversation With Aimee Fuller

By Watches of Switzerland Group    |   1 minute read

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Aimee Fuller- someone who exemplifies TAG Heuer’s motivational slogan, ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ – is a British slopestyle snowboarder who represented Great Britain at the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics. With her ambition, drive and will to succeed, she is the perfect person to partner with the athletic, modern, and fast-paced watch brand TAG Heuer. CEO of The Watches Switzerland Group, Brian Duffy, had the opportunity to sit down with Aimee to discuss how she started snowboarding, her training for the London Marathonand how her favourite TAG Heuer timepieces typify her career and what she does for a living.

Partnering up with TAG Heuer was a great coup for the snowboarder, and both professionally, and personally, as their range of timepieces have fit perfectly within her fast-paced lifestyle. For every day wear, Aimee opts for the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 9. In actual fact, Aimee tells us that it is on her wrist for 98% of her day-to-day life other than when she’s sleeping. It’s a watch that suits everything she does, looks fantastic, is elegant, but strong. She has put it to the test and put it through its’ paces while snowboarding and at the gym – sport and elegance combined in one is a real selling point for Aimee. For special occasions and events, Aimee opts for the Black Link Ceramic. It has a larger dial, something that she likes, and the colour works well with a lot of Aimee’s evening wear choices.

Aimee is running the London Marathon with her mother as a part of TAG Heuer’s team, and so chooses to wear the TAG Heuer Connected when she is training. It helps her keep track of her timings, and allows her to keep in check with the world and what’s going on. It has the option to be connected to everything whilst being practical and the strap comes in various colours.

At fifteen, her father gave her a piece of advice that would see Aimee streamline her athleticism. “I remember one thing my dad said to me, I was age 15, actually, the year before my career in snowboarding kicked off, he was like, ‘why don’t you focus on just one sport rather than ten?’ I was the girl that did the lacrosse, the hockey, basketball, any sport that was available I wanted to do all of it”

Aimee was a fan of sports and began thrill seeking from an early age. She had a quad bike when she was just four years old, a motocross bike when she was six developed a love for the adrenaline rush early on. She’s been hitting the slopes from four years old too, at a ski slope in Bromley. All of these sports, however, certainly set her up to achieve her goals and ambition within snowboarding, something she has been doing for over a decade now, and her ethos towards hard work and dedication within the sport, has been a big motivator.

It’s amazing if you set your mind to something how achievable it can be with a little bit of graft and hard work Aimee Fuller

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