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An Interview with Christelle Rosnoblet, Owner & CEO of Speake-Marin

By Sarah Jayne Potter   |   3 minute read

An Interview with Christelle Rosnoblet, Owner & CEO of Speake-Marin

Founded in 2002 by a British master watchmaker, Speake-Marin creates “Belle Horlogerie” – Beautiful Timepieces – for those who want to wear a truly unique watch on their wrist. In its early beginnings, the watchmaking house focused on creating unique and bespoke timepieces for individual collectors only.

In 2012, Mrs Christelle Rosnoblet, an entrepreneur and watch enthusiast became the CEO & President of Speake-Marin, which marks a true turning point for the company. She invested in a new movement workshop with the intention to create a wide range of unique and sophisticated in-house movements. We talk to her today about the brand, how to build a collection and newness at watch fair Watches & Wonders.

Delighted to be speaking with you today and thank you so much for agreeing to take part in this interview. Please can you tell our readers a bit more about yourself and the role you play at the brand?

I am Mrs Christelle Rosnoblet, Owner and CEO of the brand. I share my passion for fine watchmaking and my vision for Speake-Marin for the upcoming years. I have for instance initiated the in-house movement creation, invested in the Speake-Marin workshop and uplifted the brand image since my arrival in 2012.

How would you introduce Speake-Marin as a brand, and describe the collections to a new watch collector?

Speake-Marin creates «Belle Horlogerie» timepieces for watch enthusiasts with a strong personality who express themselves by wearing unique watches that won’t be seen on every wrist.

In your opinion, what sets Speake-Marin apart from other timepiece brands?

First of all, there is the very distinctive Piccadilly case: the crown and the shape inspired from the British horlogery of the 19th Century. Then, there is all the work that we did on the movement itself inspired by the “decontructivist/ constructivist” Architectural movement. The objective was to rebuild a movement and position a strong element at 1:30, which is the most difficult position for a small second counter or a tourbillon cage. It is indeed a real constraint in terms of movement development since the small seconds at 1:30 has to go through the time setting gears.

In your opinion which is the most significant collection or piece from Speake-Marin and why?

The One&Two collection is the most significant collection, inspired by architecture and modern design. It represents the Speake-Marin vision and positioning: paying tribute to fine watchmaking while re-inventing watchmaking codes as a hymn to freedom.

Which is your favourite ever piece from Speake-Marin, and why?

One of my favourite piece ever is the Resilience in red gold with the black dial.

Which piece or pieces, would you recommend to our audience in order to start building their Speake-Marin collection?

I would recommend starting with the One&Two Openworked Hours and Minutes, which is the initial movement of our Speake-Marin movement’s collection: SMA01. It has been developed with an integrated micro-rotor, inspired by architecture and modern design.

As Watches & Wonders Geneva is upon us, can you tell us a little more about your new launches at the fair. Which piece is a personal favourite, and why?

Openworked Tourbillon

Speake-Marin has launched a timepiece inspired by the Black Architecture movement and created in an audacious colour as a hymn to freedom. One of my favourite timepieces is our latest Openworked Tourbillon, which plays with 3D and revealed our know-how in in-house movements.

Finally, looking even more toward the future, what are you most excited about for Speake-Marin in 2021?

2021 will be an exciting year for the brand because we will enter the Chinese market in Shanghai. In addition, Speake-Marin will participate in the “ONLY WATCH” Biennial Charity Auction, for research into Duchenne Muscular dystrophy. In 2022, Speake-Marin will also celebrate its 20th Brand anniversary and a new collection will be revealed! Stay tuned!

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