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In conversation with Davide Cerrato, CEO at Bremont watches

Chaniya James 4 minutes
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Join us as we sit down with Davide Cerrato, CEO at Bremont watches. We discuss his journey at the brand so far and what we can expect from Bremont in the future.

Can you please introduce yourself and give us a brief overview of your journey at Bremont?

I’m Davide Cerrato, I have been the CEO at Bremont for a year, we are an incredibly unique British brand. I’m also morphing into a Brit, with a passion for everything British. I have changed my title for Watches and Wonders too chief energising officer.

I have been working in watches for the last 22 years, specialising in turn around and relaunches and fantastic stories. Digging into the archives and the DNA of the brand reserving the original spirit.

How would you describe Bremont to those who are unfamiliar with the brand?

Bremont is a unique fantastic British brand, specialising and focused on adventure and exploration. With a fantastic DNA in aviation and the military, we want to be the best of the tool watches.

We are based in Henley on Thames, just outside London, with our manufacturers the only end to end manufacturers in the UK. We design, develop, assemble and we test all our watches in our incredible and beautiful manufacturers in the British countryside.

Can you share what inspires Bremont as a brand and its pieces?

The inspiration of our creations really comes from the military; we have worked with more than 500 squads around the world over the past 15 years. They are testing everyday our timepieces in the field. We are focusing on adventure and exploration with tool watches. We have a number of fantastic partners. Like Jason Fox ex special forces now doing incredible adventures, and we just started a few months ago a collaboration with Jimmy Chin, the perfect extreme athlete and a great photographer and film maker, winning an Oscar with Free solo. He perfectly embodies our advertising campaign which is Take it Further.

Can you talk to us about the new launches at Watches and Wonders?

An exciting first time at Watches and Wonders with great success and positive feedback. We are extending our military and pilot watches that stays unchanged and untouched under the name altitude. With two new lines, one line is a field watch line dedicated to land exploration the name is Terra Nova, coming from our DNA and our heritage, inspired by military pocket watches of WW1. The second is the Supermarine, inspired by exploration of the oceans, it has a sleeker and slimmer profile to the case an entirely new 904L steel bracelet which offers fluidity and comfort.

We have worked a lot to improve the quality of our watches, the rule of this segment is over delivering. We are proposing very interesting price point at the entry of the market, that we were missing a little bit we are enforcing our core with new complications and new displays. we have also got incredible limited edition, being independent allows us to have a very rich expression.

How do you envision the future for Bremont?

The identity that we are presenting at Watches and Wonders, is warm colours with dessert camo pattern, the new logo has been positively welcomed. We are meeting a lot of our partners in retail; we intend to extend our presence in the US this will be our focus in the next 12-18 months. We are expanding in the Middle East and India which is becoming the new market for watches, and we are looking at Europe, so delighted to b a part of this bright story of Bremont for the years to come.

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