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In conversation with Ludovic Bazzan, Designer at TUDOR.

Chaniya James 4 minutes
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Join us as we sit down with Ludovic Bazzan, Designer at Tudor, to discuss the new launches from Watches & Wonders 2024, what inspires the brand and their designs and what the future holds for Tudor.

Can you please introduce yourself and your role at Tudor?

I am Ludovic Bazzan a Designer for Tudor, I work on new watches and new collections, like what has been presented at Watches & Wonders 2024.

How would you describe Tudor to those who are unfamiliar with the brand?

If I was to describe Tudor it would be that we offer the best quality product at the best price, with daring spirit.

Can you share what inspires Tudor as a brand and its pieces?

Tudor has huge history dating back to the 30’s. We try to inspire our work and new releases, with our archive pieces whilst taking further inspiration from todays world. Looking at the fashion industry, architecture and other brands. You could say our inspiration comes from everything and everywhere.

Can you talk to us about the new launches at Watches & Wonders?

It is an exciting week presenting our new products to journalist, our affiliates and retailers. This year we are launching really exciting new products, a new Black Bay 41mm in black and grey, on three different bracelets it’s a master chronometer. Part of the evolution we started last year with the Black Bay family with the Black Bay Burgandy.

My favourite launch this year is the Black Bay 58 GMT, I absolutely love it, It’s very retro vibes. I hope you will like it as well.

Can you explain what is like to design a watch, knowing the history and heritage that the brand has?

Designing a watch is finding the right space in-between constraint. Horology has a lot of norms and can be a limiting space for creativity, this is what we love as designers, we are not artists, we love difficulties and problems, so that we are able to find the right solution. For me this is what designing a watch is about, it’s trying to implement new technology but staying faithful to the history and DNA of the brand. Keeping in mind the goal we want to achieve in future years, there are of course strategies but as designers we are lucky enough to not be obliged to think about that. We can go to our CEO with something completely different, without a brief, as long as it is in line with the image of the brand, he will be open to develop it and if it works, one day it might be produced and launched.

How do you envision the future for Tudor?

Now we have a certain maturity as a brand and we want to extend our collections to new colours, materials and try to implement new technologies. But I won’t share too many details with you now as I hope we can surprise you in the future, as we have done this year.

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