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Mechanical Watch Servicing

To make it last a lifetime, a luxury Swiss timepiece needs servicing every three to five years

Servicing Mechanical

Mechanical watches are made up of hundreds of tiny parts, many of which are in constant motion. Because of this, they're subject to wear and tear. But with regular care, your luxury Swiss timepiece will keep ticking for years.

We recommend servicing a new watch every three to five years, even if it still seems to be in perfect working order. This is because lubricants that prevent friction and possible damage to fragile inner components break down over time and need replacing. On a less happy note, we all know that no matter how careful you are with your watch, accidents happen. Fortunately, there are very few repairs our specialist watchmakers cannot undertake.

Some repairs are time-consuming, so we will always prepare a full estimate for you before going ahead.

When servicing a mechanical watch, our watchmakers perform an exhaustive series of checks to make sure your watch returns to you in peak condition.

  1. Check the case and the bracelet or strap.
  2. Detach the bracelet or strap, open the case and remove the stem, crown, seals and movement.
  3. Reset the stem and crown, and check the winding mechanism.
  4. Examine the working of the hands, calendar functions and rotor, if fitted.
  5. Inspect and adjust the escapement.
  6. Fully disassemble the case and inspect the movement and parts.
  7. Replace any worn or damaged parts.
  8. Carefully clean all the parts in specialist chemical baths, using automated cleaning machines.
  9. Reassemble the movement, fine-tuning it in line with brand specifications.
  10. Lubricate the movement, if using fine oils and greases, and check the escapement.
  11. De-magnetise, regulate and check the timing of the movement to brand standards, using specialist Swiss timing equipment.
  12. Refit the dial and hands, and clean the case and bracelet using ultrasound technology.
  13. Replace the case seals, if necessary, and refit the movement and bracelet or strap.
  14. Check the timekeeping and adjust it, where required, using timing equipment.

Once we've completed these steps, we test the watch on a wrist simulator for between three and four-and-a-half hours to make sure the automatic winding system is running smoothly. The watch's power reserve is then tested statically for 24 hours, dial down, and the rate checked, until the power has run down in the dial up position.

This final inspection before we return your watch is critical - it's then guaranteed for 12 or 24 months, depending on the brands.

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