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Quartz Watch Servicing


Quartz watches may not have as many tiny moving parts as mechanicals, but they still require routine maintenance. Our expert watchmakers perform the following checks:

  1. Check the case and bracelet or strap.
  2. Detach the bracelet or strap, open the case, remove the stem and crown, and check the setting mechanism.
  3. Inspect the working of the hands and calendar mechanism, if fitted.
  4. Disassemble the movement and check the mechanical components and the electronic module.
  5. Replace any worn or malfunctioning mechanical or electronic parts.
  6. Carefully clean all the mechanical parts in specialist chemical baths, using automated cleaning machines.
  7. Reassemble the movement, fine-tuning it in line with brand specifications.
  8. Lubricate the setting and the calendar mechanism, if fitted.
  9. Make sure the timing of the movement is in working order, using specialist Swiss electronic testing equipment.
  10. Refit the dial and hands, and clean the case and bracelet, using ultrasound technology.
  11. Replace the case seals, if necessary, and return the movement to the case.
  12. Refit the bracelet or strap.
  13. Check the watch’s water resistance is in line with brand specifications.
  14. Check the correct functioning of the hands and calendar mechanism, if fitted.

To ensure the watch is functioning accurately, we then test it statically for two days. This final inspection before we return your watch to you is critical, because, after that, it’s guaranteed for 12 or 24 months, depending on the brand.

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