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The Beautifully Crafted Collections of Bremont

By Amanda Evans | 5 minute read

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Co-founded in 2002 by brothers, Nick & Giles English, Bremont has established a reputation for its expertly engineered, luxury, aviation, and military inspired chronometers. In just a short period of time, Bremont has become widely recognised within the luxury watch market, remaining true to its principles of Patriotism, Aviation, Engineering and Adventure. Embracing their British heritage and passion for aviation.

Bremont founders began their journey with beautifully crafted pilot’s watches, fit for purpose, and of exceptional quality, inspired by a love of historic aircraft and mechanical excellence. With timepieces that are tested beyond the call of duty, Bremont’s reputation has seen the brand become official partners with the Ministry of Defence, commissioned by the military for special order projects, and collaborating with luxury car manufacturers amongst others. This award-winning British watchmaker has expanded beyond its core collection of pilot, diving and motorsports inspired pieces to include a substantial Limited-edition range that reflects the core defining pillars of Bremont – British Engineering, Aviation & Military and Adventure.

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Jaguar Collection

The partnership between Bremont and Jaguar first began back in 2010 during the launch of the cutting-edge Jaguar C-X75. To complement the futuristic nature and high performance of this superb car, Bremont developed a unique analogue dashboard clock. Subsequently the relationship blossomed and Bremont continued to design beautifully crafted timepieces of mechanical excellence that drew inspiration from the iconic automotive brand, and reflected the strength and longevity that both brands expressed so quintessentially. The Jaguar range echoes the golden era of 1960’s motorsports, with the Jaguar heritage logo featuring on the dial and hour markings stylised typically like the numbers featured on E-Type instruments.

Shop the Bremont Jaguar collection here.

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Hawking Limited Edition Collection

The Hawking collection of Limited-edition timepieces is dedicated to the renowned British scientist, Stephen Hawking. Hawking was fascinated with time and his studies have enriched our understanding of the universe and beyond. Working alongside the Hawking family, Bremont is proud to honour such an important figure within our history and to commemorate his impact on our understanding of space, matter and time, the Hawking collection was created to celebrate this highly respected British legend.

Professor Stephen Hawking was arguably one of the most pre-eminent scientists of the last hundred years. We wanted to celebrate this incredible man’s life and his fascinating relationship with time.Nick English, Bremont Co-Founder

This beautiful collection of classically designed chronometers features a retrograde seconds hand and grand date. Perhaps one of the most unique and fascinating elements of design can be viewed on the caseback which contains 4 wooden discs, taken from the very desk that Hawking sat at whilst contemplating the mystery of the universe. In addition, the chronometer also contains some meteorite at the centre of the closed caseback and an etching of stars representative of the night sky on the day of Hawking’s birth. Housing the BE-33AE movement and with a 42-hour power reserve, the limited-edition collection is available in stainless steel with a black dial, rose gold with a black dial and white gold with a blue dial. A women’s edition with diamond-set bezel has also been added to this exquisite collection, the first time that Bremont has ever used diamonds in any of its collections.

Shop the Bremont Hawking collection here.

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Supermarine Collection

The Bremont Supermarine collection is a collection of divers watches inspired by the aviation principles of this British brand. Named after the iconic British aircraft manufacturer of the Supermarine S6B Schneider Trophy Seaplane and the phenomenal Supermarine Spitfire. Each timepiece has a superb chronometer tested to the highest standards together with Bremont’s Trip-Tick® case construction. Since the launch of the collection in 2009, the range has gone from strength to strength. Capable of withstanding extreme conditions, the Supermarine collection has been extensively tested out in the field by the top dive units around the world and by elite military squadrons. Available in 3 case sizes, it is suited to the requirements of any professional diver who seeks a timepiece that can endure the elements.

Shop the Bremont Supermarine collection here.

Bremont Solo Collection

SOLO Collection

The SOLO collection pays tribute to the classic pilot watches from the 1940s. Legibility was a key element of its design creation along with mechanical precision and strength. The classic Bremont Trip-Tick® case construction makes the case seven times more scratch resistant than standard watch grade steel adding to its robust performance. This beautiful range of chronometers comes in two different dial variants and presents an obvious choice for admirers of pilot watches who seek clarity, precision, and excellence. With Bremont drawing inspiration from all aspects of the outstanding heritage of aviation, the SOLO collection is lovingly engineered to combine function with finesse and will not disappoint enthusiasts.

Shop the Bremont Solo collection here.

Bremont ALT 1 Collection

ALT-1 Collection

The ALT1-C is part of Bremont’s core collection and harnesses the art of watchmaking with durability, precision, and the height of technical excellence. The collection is a true celebration of the history of watchmaking craftsmanship. Housing a magnificent, modified chronometer-rated movement the ALT1-C echoes the principles of any distinguished automatic timepiece.

Shop the Bremont ALT-1 collection here.

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